Benefits of volunteering.

Volunteering gives life greater purpose.

Volunteering provides broader perspectives.

Volunteering gives a healthier self-image.

Volunteering teaches how to make better decisions.

Volunteering makes one more generous.

Volunteering influences future generations.

Volunteering will result one day in greater rewards.

Volunteers VIRTUS Training

All volunteers at St. Mary’s Catholic Church need to be Virtus trained before volunteering. 

Volunteer Information, Procedures and Materials

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at St. Mary Catholic Church. It is volunteers like you that enable us to continue offering events and ministries to our parishioners and community!

Along with the Archdiocese of Baltimore, St. Mary Catholic Church is committed to providing our parishioners with safe environments, whether on or off campus. To ensure that we maintain this longstanding commitment, the Archdiocese of Baltimore Office of Child and Youth Protection requires all staff and volunteers to complete online training through VIRTUS. This is a requirement for all school and parish volunteers who work or will work with minors, employees, and clergy.

All parts of the online training, as well as reference checks, must be completed before volunteering. The Archdiocese holds the safety of our children in high importance and completion of this program is mandatory.

If you have already registered, and it has been more than five years, you may need to complete the volunteer refresher course to ensure your account remains active.

We thank you in advance for your service and especially for your commitment to the children and youth of our school, parish, and community.

To start your volunteer account, or to update your current account, please visit www.virtusonline.org.

VIRTUS Requirements

All volunteers in the Archdiocese of Baltimore must complete the following VIRTUS requirements before volunteering:

  • Complete volunteer application online at  http://www.virtusonline.org
  • Read AOB-Statement-of-Policy-012315 online
  • Read Code of Conduct online
  • Volunteer receives online training regarding child abuse and the protection of children.
  • Three (3) references provided, checked, and documented (please note, you may not begin volunteering until all 3 references have been cleared by the VIRTUS coordinator)
  • Background check

Thank you for your cooperation and support with this process.


For questions, please contact the Parish Operations Manager, Dan Taylor at 301-739-0390, ext. 3135 or dtaylor@saintmarysonline.org