Recommended Reading

Various Topics 

Scruples and Sainthood: Overcoming Scrupulosity With the Help of the Saints

Book Helpful for those who agonize about their sins.

Interior Castle by St. Theresa of Avila
[Book] A good introductory book for growth in the spiritual life.

Made This Way: How to Prepare Kids to Face Today’s Tough Moral Issues by Leila Miller
[Book] A good book not just for parents but for anyone looking to undersatnd and explain 10 difficult moral topics.

Can A Catholic Be A Socialist? by Trent Horn
[Book] Explains in simple terms the Church’s teaching on capitalism, socialism, and distributism.

Five Myths About Columbus
[Article] Outrageous claims about Columbus need to be tempered by a sober look at the historical record.

The True Story of Christopher Columbus

Halloween: Neither A Trick Nor A Treat
[Article] Cautions about the dangers associated with Holloween observances.

Why Catholics Should Embrace Halloween
[Article] Provides ways that we can more appropriately observe Halloween. But the dangers described in the first article need to be kept in mind.

Virtus (& Vices) 

Regarding Voting

Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship – Part I
[Article] The U.S. Bishops’ Reflection on Catholic Teaching and Political Life

The Preeminent Issue of Our Time
[Video] This is the first of a five part series of articles and videos. The subsequent articles and videos can be accessed from this link. 

Brief Catechism for Catholic Voters
[Article] In question and answer format, from EWTN’s website.

Guide to Moral Duties Concerning Voting
[Article] A more advanced read, from EWTN’s website.