Catholic Daughters Education Contest

The Contest: Catholic Daughters are sponsoring a contest for students in an effort to reach out

2016 CDA National Education Contest

to the youth in their community. The entries will be judged at St. Mary’s in early

March. First place winners will go on to further judging at the State level and

those winners to the National level.

  • Who can enter:
  • Grades 4-5 (Division 1)
  • Grades 6-7-8 (Division 2)
  • Grades 9-10-11-12 (Division 3)

Why you want Exposure for your talents and an opportunity to to enter:

express your faith creatively. (Prizes for winners!)

What you Create

an entry of art, essay, poem, computer art, music or photography

need to do: on either

“We Are Stewards of God’s Creation” or “How Do We Care for the Environment?.”

The themes selected for the contest encourage lively

imagination and freedom of thought when student talent and application go hand in hand.

See your teacher for entry forms before creating your entry.

Very important — do NOT put your name on the FRONT of the entry! The form

will be attached to the BACK of your entry with your name and signature.

Art Work – pastel (chalk), crayon, paints (water color, acrylic, oil), marker, ink, charcoal, pencil (black or

colored) AND DUCT TAPE. Your art carries the message – NO LETTERING – Size 8-1/2” x 11”

How theme is carried out in Art will be part of the decision in judging

in addition to artistic talent. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE ART! ALL DIVISIONS

Essay – neatly TYPED, not to exceed 500 words. ALL DIVISIONS

Poem – any style of poetry, neatly TYPED, not to exceed eight (8) lines. ALL DIVISIONS

Computer Art – your art carries the message – NO LETTERING – Size 8-1/2” x 11” OR 8” x 12”. Art must be of

participant’s own creation and should fill the majority of the page. NO clip art or images imported from

web sites. ALL DIVISIONS.

Music – Lyrics and notes written on a music score (melody, harmony, accompaniment, all of which must be notated

Photography – Size 8”x10” picture depicting the theme. Do not add matting Picture must have been taken by

accurately) must be contestant’s own creation. PLEASE USE COMPOSITION MUSIC PAPER. CD (no

Mp3, MIDI, or other electronic formats allowed) of the performance of the composition must accompany

the composition. (NO CASSETTE TAPE or DVD). While the composition must be the contestant’s own

creation, the performer of the composition does not need to be the composer. DIVISIONS 2 and 3.

contestant. May not be a computer downloaded image or a picture of a picture. Can be color or black and

white. Cannot be a collage. DIVISIONS 2 and 3.

All entries must be in English and Judges will use rules of Clarity, Grammar, Spelling, Interpretation of

Theme and all particular rules in the categories listed above.

Note: Students can enter one or more of the above categories.

Important: DO NOT FOLD OR ROLL YOUR ENTRY. Neatness is a key factor in judging!

Entry  form :  CDA Edu form.jpeg

Explanation Letter :CDA Education Contest 2016
Teacher  Letter:  2016 Educ Cont Teacher Letter

The deadline: St. Mary School Students: February 26, 2016 to Linda Field through your teacher. CCD,

Homeschool, and High School Students: February 28, 2016 to Linda Field through Jan McCarter (CCD Director).

Questions: Call Linda Field at 301-797-6189.