Liturgy, Youth, and Family Ministries

St. Mary Catholic Church recognizes the need for family spiritual enrichment and growth. The following activities are planned for families of all ages and types – grandparents, parents, young adults, teens, children, and single parishioners.

Please check for updates throughout the month for activities to nourish family life.

Musical Ministries

For all musical liturgical ministries, please see the Music page.

 Liturgy & Liturgical Ministries

Traditional Liturgy is very important to St. Mary Catholic Church. We follow the norms of the Roman Catholic Church administered by Pope Benedict XVI and the American Catholic norms administered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The 3rd English translation of the Roman Missal was implemented on November 27, 2011, the 1st Sunday of Advent 2011. This new translation is based on the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal in Latin, which was published in 2000. All English-speaking people began using this new text of the Roman Catholic Mass on November 27, 2011, which includes nine English-speaking countries. You can read some of the new wording at Msgr. Rob Jaskot wrote a great series in The Catholic Review about the new English translation of the Roman Missal. You can see his 7 part series and other great resources about the new translation at

Liturgical Ministries

  • Lectors – Lectoring requires a clear speaking voice and a love for God’s Word. Lectors don’t always get to read the happy passages, and it sometimes requires preparation work. Parishioners who have been confirmed may volunteer to be lectors on a regular basis.
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – This is the correct liturgical term for lay Eucharistic Ministers (because clergy are the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion). At St. Mary, we have several ways for you to participate in serving communion. You can serve at Mass or be part of the Pastoral Visitation Team to give Communion to our shut-ins. You must be at least 16 years of age and confirmed in the Catholic faith to become an E.M.H.C.
  • Altar Servers – Serving the altar is open to children and youth generally age 10 and up. We ask that they have completed fourth grade before they be trained as altar servers. We need altar servers for the 8:30 am Mass Monday through Saturday and all weekend Masses. New altar server group training occurs periodically and is announced in the Church bulletin. If your child is interested in becoming an altar server, please contact Trevor Rowland 
  • Cantors – Cantors fill the roll of  song  Leader.  . We use cantors at the 8:00 am and 11:00 am Sunday Masses and any evening feast day Mass. A cantor is responsible for practicing music on their own ahead of time and arriving to Mass early to practice with the organist beforehand.  please contact Trevor Rowland
  • Ushers – Ushering is an active service to parishioners and visitors of St. Mary. It requires that you arrive to Mass early with a welcoming spirit and a hand eager to help others. Anyone who is over 15 years of age and a member of the Parish may become an usher. please contact Trevor Rowland 

Continuing Catholic Education

  • Catholic Book Club: Fridays 6:30- 8:30pm (except Lent and Advent)  open to all those interested in books of Catholic interest or who simply have questions about Catholic topics.  Contact  Father Larry
  • Wednesday Morning Catechism: Wednesday 10:30-11:45 am. An in-depth study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph by paragraph, or a place to simply ask questions of Catholic interest.  Contact  Father Larry
  • Catholic Bible Study: Meets the second Sunday of the month (September through May) from 6:30-8:30 pm.  The 2015-2016 topic will be the “7 Last Things” and “Are Sacraments Biblical?” by Dr. Brant Pitre.  Contact  Father Larry

Youth, Young  Adult, and Family Ministries

  • Youth  Group  Called to Greatness: ages  Confirmed to Senior in High School, Called  to Greatness
    Youth group also hosts  several yearly opportunities:  Mount 2000 Eucharistic  retreat at Mount Saint Mary’s , February.  Steubenville Youth Conference retreat in June/ July,  i-Serve, service retreat June/ July.  Catholic Children’s retreat June/ July or August.  BYCC  Catholic Youth Conference November every other year.  Catholic Heart Work camp Summer.  Living  Stations,  live  portrayal of the Passion of Christ,  Lent,  Baltimore  Youth Pilgrimage to walk the passion of CHrist through the streets of Baltimore .  Contact  Youth  Ministry  301 739 0390 ext 128
  • Young  Adults; Meet  Monday  Evenings at Green Turtle Trivia night.  Contact Youth  Ministry 301 739 0390 ext 128
  • Daughters of the King: Young Women from  Confirmed to young  adult, gather to provide friendship, and  support in living  lives  as  Daughters of the the King Several opportunities for Fun,  service and learning how to live your Catholic faith.  meets The third Thursday of the Month in the John Bosco room
  • Knights of the Holy Tabernacle :   Young gentlemen form Confirmed to young  adult gather to provide friendship, and  support Several opportunities for Fun,  service and learning how to live your Catholic faith.  Contact  Father Larry. Download a flyer.
  • Our Lady’s  Prayer  group:  Women who gather to lift  reflect and  lift each others intention in our Daily Prayers.  Meet most Friday 9:00 am in Fatima Hall
  • Men’s Ministry:  St Joseph Men’s Prayer Group:   Meets The Last Friday of the month 6:30 for Adoration, 7:30-8:30 dinner , 8:30-9:30  Discussion
    Also Travel to the annual Men’s Conference
  • Family Ministry: help to run events  through out the year, Christmas bazaar, Parish Picnic, Mardi Gras, Advent activities, Contact Family Minsitry 301 739 0390 ext 128
  • CHERISH: Catholic Hearts Espoused Rejoice in Sacramental Hope  Ministry to nurture and rejoice in the beauty of the Sacrament of marriage.  Periodic  retreats for married couple  that include  a meal, speakers,  reflection, and the  Mass,  and often times Confession.   Contact   CHERISH 

We have several youth ministries. If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact Maria at 301-739-0390 extension 128.

Additional Resources for Catholic Youth: -  a site  for Catholic  teenagers and young  adults - A site for Catholic teenagers – A site for chastity and dating information - Catholic athletes support - Internet Safety for teens and families